About Lamplighter

Lamplighter Communications believes in the power of communications to connect us to one another and to build mutual understanding and respect. We help clients forge meaningful, trusting connections with the people whose opinions, actions and support matter to them.

Lamplighter specializes in strategic corporate communications, including internal, external, change communications and public relations. We support strategic projects using creative, inclusive and audience-friendly communications programs.

We especially love employee communications because we know that people are the heart of every organization. Their genuine engagement in a company’s mission can work magic on culture, customers and the bottom line. We work with leaders to inform, engage and inspire the people who work at their companies and make their companies work.

Lamplighter Communications Inc. was founded in 2009 by Catharine Heddle, an independent communications advisor based in Toronto, Canada. Clients turn to Catharine and her collaborators for smart counsel, insight and professionalism they can count on.

Here’s what we do best.